INDEPTH Healthy Transition to Adulthood Study


The aim of the study is explore the current health information, health priorities and health seeking behavioural patterns of adolescents and young adults and also to ascertain perceptions on the designing and implementation of a Conditional Cash Transfer and Performance Based Incentives. The study is also targeted at helping review existing adolescent programmes, policies and services in Ghana and within the Dodowa Demographic Surveillance Area.



There are policies that exist on adolescent but there is little or no coordination among adolescent health care providers and stakeholders working on adolescent health. There are lack of infrastructure and adolescent friendly services in the health facilities.

Most of the key health problems teenagers experience include early pregnancy, candidiasis, alcoholism, drug abuse and lack of parental control. Most adolescents expressed strong need for parents to pay little more attention to them.

Observations proved that implementing Conditional Cash Transfer can be useful in improving adolescent health utilization as these monies can be used to register for NHIS and also pay hospital bills. The enhancement of Performance-based incentive is practicable in the study area, some facilities have this system in place to motivate workers and ensure positive outcomes in health care delivery.



Dr. Margaret Gyapong
Director, Dodowa Health Research Centre



Ms. Mary Ataa Pomaa
Research Officer, Dodowa Health Research Centre


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© 2015. Dodowa Health Research Centre. All Rights Reserved.